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Australia was named the world's first “highly transparent” real estate market. As a country of immigration, the Australian population has grown netly in recent years, providing the basic impetus for real estate investment. At the same time, Australia's natural environment, legal system, social security, market environment, security and livability are leading the world, making global investors including China eager.


Gold Coast is favored

1、经济快速发展 rapid economic development


Gold Coast, located in the southeast of Queensland, is now one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. The employment level of the Gold Coast continues to improve. The latest data from ABS shows that the unemployment rate is only 4.3%, compared with the highest point of 6.0% in November 2014. There has been a significant improvement. Economic growth and a surge in population have led to an active rental market. The demand for short-term and long-term rental housing is large.

2、大型建设投资 Large construction investment


The Gold Coast has well-established public facilities such as medical care, transportation, culture, and education. In recent years, the local government has invested 500 million Australian dollars to invest in infrastructure construction, including Australia's largest urban light rail project, airport expansion, road upgrading, university expansion, and new sports fields. Upgrade, Chinatown construction, shopping center upgrades, etc.

3、财团富豪聚集地 Regal gathering place


Government planning and investment have also attracted a large amount of private capital injection, and a series of large-scale projects are under active development, including the key area of Queensland in the northern part of the Gold Coast connecting Brisbane's capital, Brisbane, and the Australian Prime Minister. The planning of the Central Business District (CBD) in Southport (Southport), the construction of a world-class cruise ship terminal casino, and the investment of major companies and consortia in the Gold Coast have injected vitality into its development.

4、度假旅游黄金胜地 Holiday tourism golden resort


As a world-famous tourist destination, it attracts thousands of tourists, international students, wealthy retirees, new immigrants, investors and business people from Australia and around the world every year.


With the success of the Commonwealth Games in 2018, the Gold Coast has been successfully pushed to the center of the world stage, so that the world can truly see the charm of this sunny city! The Gold Coast has solidified its reputation and status as a destination for major sporting events around the world. Original natural beauty and warm climate combined with more convenient municipal facilities, higher-end shopping and leisure environment, the world's top sports events attract tourists from all over the world, Queensland's economic development will also benefit, the future of the Gold Coast is unlimited The development momentum is unstoppable!


At present, the price of the Gold Coast is at a price, and it is a good time to enter the market.

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